The Journey

 "To the women I met while studying abroad back in the summer of 2018, Seria Vedel, you are a light of hope in times of darkness. You inspired me to become a better human, partner, and business woman. I will be forever grateful you helped inspire this journey"


Helping our earth doesn’t just mean helping mother nature, but also helping the people living here on earth.
I come from immigrant parents, who are my motivation to build something important from the ground up. Just as they did by coming to a new country and building life for us, I knew that I wanted to create something from the ground up as well. In our Hispanic culture we typically don’t see much work around sustainability, so I wanted to introduce something that meant a lot to me. It is a long journey, but one that I am willing to take, and learn from along the way.
As a business we believe in creating a positive impact for our planet and people, by committing to using recycled materials, minimizing waste in our packages, spreading sustainable awareness, & contributing to the financial development of local communities by donating a $1 from every sale to a charity in need. We strive for conscious consumerism and hope that we can affect some change in the fashion industry.
Yours truly,  Jamie