February 08, 2023

Tips to De-clutter

By Jamie Perez-Galvan
Photo by Maksim Goncharenok on Pexels.com

Do you ever find it difficult to focus on work when everything around you is a mess? Well if you are anything like me, it is impossible to get anything done with mess around you. The Arkansas Traveler explains how according to a study by researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute, when an environment is cluttered, the chaos restricts your ability to focus.

Your home is a container and you must fit your family, pets and belongings into that container comfortably. If you think about it, your whole home is filled with container within containers; for example, your fridge contains your fresh food and your shelves container other household items. Your closet is the container for your clothes. However, sometimes it is easy to just pile random things everywhere and cram other containers, overfilling them with unnecessary items.

When you disrespect natural limits, things are hard to find and retrieve, and it’s difficult to keep clean. Not to mention, when you have too much going on around you, it becomes difficult to focus on one thing and can be time consuming if you wait until the last minute to get everything done.  

Below are some tips to help de clutter your home:

  • Follow the ‘Fits too tight, get rid of things’ rule. This works for anything. For example, clothes jammed too tightly in a wardrobe get wrinkled and are hard to find. Which makes it difficult to get dressed in the morning. By giving your clothes space to breathe, they stay neat, are easy to see, and are ready to wear. 
  • Clean your kitchen every night, don’t leave any dishes and wash them right after cooking/dinner.
  • Keep lids on your Tupperware container. This prevents lids from being lost and will allow for a far more organized space. (Doesn't everyone just hate Tupperware?)  
  • Have a hamper for sweaty dirty clothes, like your gym clothes and another hamper for simple dirty clothes like work attire or dresses, etc. This will prevent you from just throwing clothes on the ground and starting another pile.
  • Do you bed every morning. It’s always nice coming home to a made bed, this allows you to just come home and either decompress, or focus on the things you actually need to get done. Very Well Mind explains how making the bed is about setting an intention to do the little things that bring about an orderly, thoughtful, responsible, balanced, or successful life.

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