February 08, 2023

Mindful Shopping

By Jamie Perez-Galvan
Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.com

In my last post, Tips for De-cluttering, I talked about the benefits of de cluttering spaces in your home, like your closet. So, I thought this was a perfect time to talk about mindful shopping. Sometimes it is easy to de clutter your closet space, and then fill it back up with more clothes!  

In the recent years, I have seen the impact that clothing has had on our environment. According to EARTHDAY.ORG the fashion industry is responsible for over 8% of total greenhouse gas emissions. It takes nearly 3,000 liters of water to make one cotton t-shirt and 3,781 liters of water to make a pair of jeans.

While I enjoy shopping, I’ve come to realize that I have enough. I don’t really need anything more. Does this mean I’ll never shop again? No, but I am working on doing more mindful shopping. That is, I now take time to reconsider the items in my cart.

You may ask yourself, how does one go about mindful shopping? Well, below are a few things to consider:

Do I have the space for this?

Though you might like something, you may want to ask yourself whether you have enough space for it. Remember, you don’t want to clutter your closet.

Don’t impulsively shop.

Every time you have the desire to buy something, put it on a 30-day wait list. If you still want it at the end of 30 days, then you can purchase it. You may discover that there are a lot of items you don’t want anymore. 

Is this purchase more important than my big financial goals?

Is it more important to buy this item than it is to fully fund my retirement account? Or is it more important than saving for a down payment on a house, saving for my kids’ educations, paying down the mortgage faster, or taking a family trip? 

Do I have any high interest credit card debt or other debts to pay off?

Before buying anything other than the essentials (i.e., groceries), pay off your debts! By doing this you’ll have more money to spend in the future, not less!

Do I already have something similar? 

Before you go out to buy something, check to see if you have anything similar that could serve the same purpose.

Can I borrow this from a friend or rent it?

If you need a special occasion outfit, could you borrow a dress from a friend? One New York socialite I know rents all her special occasion designer dresses because she has very little closet space and doesn’t want to be seen in the same dress twice. 

Is it the best value for quality and price?

How durable is it? Is it ethically made and sustainable? Do your research before you buy.

Can I find the same thing used or for free on free cycle, E-bay, at a charity shop, or auction?

If you HAVE to buy something, see if you can get an even better deal by buying used. 

Buy less. Choose well. - Vivienne Westwood


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